Alex Dental Health Bus Interior Design Calgary, Alberta
The Alex in Calgary, Alberta

The Alex Dental Health Bus

Cherelyn had the joy of volunteering her specialized design services to help bring The Alex Dental Health Bus to life.

She was extremely knowledgeable about dental office specifics.

Thank you Cherelyn!! This was my first practice and first time working with a designer. Working with Cherelyn was great. She was always in a great mood, imaginative and knowledgeable. She was very willing and excited to work with my ideas. We started the process in 2015. It probably took a bit longer than she expected because of how many changes I made but she was great throughout the whole process. More than that, she was extremely knowledgeable about dental office specifics, information that I needed with this being my first practice. The process was extremely easy, fun and the final result was beyond my high expectations.

I get comments on the practice everyday and everyone asks if I had a designer help and who that was. They, and I, love the warm features and the layout. I would highly recommend Cherelyn to anyone looking for a new build or renovation of their office. I couldn’t have done mine without her.