Interior Design Programming Space Planning in Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver Island BC.

There are many steps along the way from the time your new office grows from being a thought through to completion. Once you’ve hired Cherelyn Williams Licensed Interior Design, the following 3 steps summarize what you can expect and how we will take you from paper to occupancy.

Construction Documents for Interior Design


During this phase Cherelyn Williams Licensed Interior Design consults with you and your team to determine project goals and requirements.  We develop space plans, working closely with your equipment supplier to ensure a well thought out layout from the moment you enter your office to all clinical and staff areas.  This phase produces a final layout of your space.

Design Development

Involves the preparation of a vision board and detail drawings to clearly communicate the design intent and address all of your design needs for your space. Cherelyn Williams Licensed Interior Design prepares color palettes, finishes and materials. As well, a thorough set of construction drawings & specifications that are used for building permit application, pricing and construction. We are busy coordinating with the professional mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as your equipment supplier to ensure all information is included.

Construction Tendering for Interior Design


Cherelyn Williams Licensed Interior Design provides you with recommendations for qualified General Contractors. We will prepare and issue tender documents, work with the Landlord and City Officials and provide contract administration during construction.